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HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)

Why is Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment training important?

Universally, health and safety legislation is intended to ensure that employers and employees act responsibly regarding health and safety within the workplace. If an incident or accident occurs, employers are required to prove that they have acted responsibly in the prevention of accidents and in the preservation of health.

Risk assessment refers to the process of evaluating risks to workers' safety and health from hazards at the workplace.

Have you carried out Risk Assessments? Have they been regularly monitored and reviewed? We recommend that anyone involved in this critical activity attend our two-day course, which coaches you through the process of planning, implementing and monitoring Risk Assessments.

On completion of the course the delegates will have knowledge and understanding of the scope and impact of the risk assessment process, including the legal requirement imposed upon the employer for the completion of suitable and sufficient risk assessments. This course puts the emphasis on practical exercises, meaning that delegates will leave with the ability to perform risk assessments in their own organizations.

The delegates will be able to add value to the organizational risk assessment activity

Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of a written and practical evaluation. Certificates are valid for two years.

HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment) (1 DAY)

• Explain the process of continuous risk assessment
• Name the relevant documentation required
• Name the relevant hazards and risks likely to be encountered
• Explain the importance of conducting a continuous risk assessment
• Select appropriate documentation
• Evaluate various physical and environmental conditions
• Explain consequences for not conforming to legal and specified requirements
• Identify significant hazards systematically
• Implement remedial action for hazards
• Explain the consequences of non-compliance

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